Friday, September 19, 2008

Star Struck

So this morning, Truston and I went on a hike up Millcreek Canyon. We passed the Lamb's Canyon trail and I told Truston to turn around and park there because we hadn't done that one yet. As we were turning around, a brigade of super nice cars park in the parking lot. An Escalade, huge Ford Truck, a BMW. Truston was like, "What the heck? Who are all the richies?" So we park and then a suuped up Impala parks next to us, I look over and it's Daron Williams!
Sure enough these huge black guys get out of the cars and start gearing up for a hike. The whole Jazz team was there (except Boozer, AK, and Mehmet Okur). It was crazy. They were laughing and joking and Daron Williams looks over at me, and I have this huge, sappy grin on my face. I couldn't stop smiling.
I did say, "Daron Williams, we are your biggest fans." and he was like, "ah, thanks." I'm such a loser, I should have said "Awesome job in Beijing."
We were too chicken to ask to take a picture with them, so we just took a picture of their cars...I know, we're losers.
Don't be fooled, the Subaru is not a jazz-mobile. And that guy is not a jazz player, although he could be. Truston has awesome skills.
The Impala, that i sat staring at....while Daron Williams looked back at me and probably though, "Who is this psycho girl?"


mattasherstephens said...

SWEET! I would have loved that! You should have gotten a group shot! :)

Porters said...

Some people just have all the luck. :)

Robert said...

I would think that a jazz player would have a nicer car (thomas likes to hum the olimpic anthem)