Monday, April 4, 2011

Why we don't buy toys.

Summer is almost here, and I think we had just gotten out of the excuse the lack of clothing.
Sometimes I see toys that are so cool, and I want to buy them, mostly because I want to play with them. But then I remember how much fun Talmage and Logan have with boxes, bags, etc. and I don't see the need.
Here's to the simple life!


alyse said...

hahaha that is hilarious! what awesome guys--all 3 of them. it must be so fun to have robert and thomas there getting to spend so much time with talmage and logan! we're really excited to hear more info about #3.

Brittany said...

Fun video! You little boys are soo cute!

Grace Coleman said...

AH! I am crying that was so cute! I love that mango is super excited for the boys. WOW! And ROBERT you are strong! two boys and one cardboard box, PHEW!


Leslie said...

Love it! Boxes are fantastic. Paper towel and toilet paper rolls are also a favorite at our house for "spotting scopes."

kathy said...

Your kids are so cute.