Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

Actually, Truston doesn't really get Spring Break, it was just a week off between terms, and it happened to be the week before every body else's spring break. But we wanted to have FUN FUN FUN in the SUN, so we stay-cationed around town with Truston. Can't complain about this weather! This is a picture of the medical center from Herman Park (across the street).

He did have to go into school one day, so we dropped him off and went to the zoo. This baby giraffe was born the week before we visited, 6 feet at birth! He was so cute. Logan, especially, loved the animals.

We went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo one day. It was awesome. I love the rodeo. I had never been with kids before, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much stuff they had for kids to do. We watched some mutton bustin', saw a lot of cows, sheep, pigs, chicks, etc. The baby animals were especially cute. Logan loved the petting zoo, he ran from animal to animal petting them.

There was a 'Farmer Joe' exhibit to show kids where food comes from and how it gets to our stores, complete with a tractor. That was a big thrill for Talmage.
For Christmas this year, I bought some tickets for Truston to go to the NCAA indoor track and field championships at A&M. We went on Friday and Saturday night to watch the races. It was AWESOME! It is so amazing to watch such talented athletes at the height of their skills. We totally enjoyed the meet. This isn't a very good picture, but this is Jeff Demps (the running back for Florida State) being interviewed by an ESPN reporter after he WON the 60M. This guy is HUGE and he is FAST. (you didn't know that i liked track and field? huh, neither did i)
I took this picture because I didn't think it would last very long...sure enough BYU was beat out by A&M and Florida State. But we were proud to cheer for BYU, all the athletes they brought were awesome and the men ended up placing 3rd.
And a little photograph of Truston and I in the bleachers.
YAY for spring break! It was nice to enjoy some time together as a family doing so much fun stuff.


Truston said...

Jeff Demps actually is from the University of Florida and they are the ones that won the guys championship but BYU did do surprisingly well. March in Houston is pretty awesome.

Sarah Culp said...

Well, even if BYU didn't win the championship your family is cute, cute CUUUTE!

So adorable . . . and I'm totally jealous of all the warm weather! We are still bundled up! :)

Grace Coleman said...

okay! I love your blog posts. thank you for them, and I cant wait to see you guys!!

Camille Murphy said...

Your little boys are so cute! And your next little one is going to be just as awesome!