Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train came to Heber this weekend. We drove up to see him. Don't think we paid $18 dollars a ticket for a ride, we are too cheap for that. We just walked around him, took some pictures and left.

In this picture, I look how I feel most of the time: like a sherpa. Any mother knows, you are constantly carrying; kids, babies, strollers, car seats, bags, purses, diaper bags, grocery bags, library books...the list is endless. Now I know why so many people get arthritis...how can you not?
Talmage was sad to see him go. He kept asking, "Where is he going? To help Percy?"
Since Saturday, anytime we hear a train whistle Talmage says, "There goes Thomas the train."

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Marel and Tom Stock! said...

My mom was there with my nephew! Tom and I went to see him before we had kids. Then we decided we needed kids to not look stupid at such events.