Monday, May 17, 2010

The panting tongue

Logan is a goof-ball. That is the only and best word to describe him. He thinks he's funny, he acts funny and he is constantly laughing at himself.
This week he started panting. He crawls around ALL DAY with his tongue hanging out. It's pretty funny. Sorry for the shaky camera.


Tanner said...

hahahahahaha Britt Post more videos!!!

Tanner said...

i love it!!!
brit, what color are his eyes...they look different! AWESOME!!!!!


Brent and April said...

Britney, when are you moving? we are anxious to have you here. Now, we are moving this weekend but you are always welcome at our house, even if we are in the middle of boxes. call me when you get here and i,ll give you the new address. call lindsay for my cell number. love you. april

Keshia said...

That's adorable! He's like a little puppy... just wanna give him a big hug!