Saturday, May 31, 2008

Alaska Adventure, Day 7

First thing in the morning, we headed down to the Denali Park Dog Kennels. During the winter the park is patrolled by dog sled teams. We went to the kennels to meet the dogs and see how they work with them. One thing I've noticed about Alaska is that EVERYBODY has dogs. And now just normal dogs, they have giant wolf dogs.

These dogs basically looked like wolves, but were friendly. It really was funny how blase' they acted when the gaggle of senior citizens walked by. They could've cared less. When Talmage strolled by in his chariot, Oh my gosh, they all jumped off their dog houses and started barking and clawing at the fence.

I had to get a picture of it, and I wasn't going to move the stroller any closer because the dogs started going wild. It would have been funny except they all looked like they wanted to eat Talmage. Which is not funny.
All the dogs on the right of this picture were a little more calm, they were the more 'friendly' dogs.
After the dog sled demo, we took a picture with the sled. Does it look like we could win the Iditarod?


Porters said...

wow, you guys are really having an adventure! I am glad the dogs did not eat Talmage- Laneah stops at your door every day saying "Brit!" and if she could say Talmage, I am sure she would.

grace said...

Whoowee, I'm so gald talmage wasn't eaten either. Even the picture featured sled dogs that were out to take picture with the visitors came down off thier houses to smell talamge. It's awesome having you in Anchorage Bodines. :)

Sarah and Robbie said...

Ah! Wolf Dogs! I'm a little scared of giant dogs. . . but I guess you said that they were friendly. Crazy Adventures! Whew-hoo!
Brittney= Julie of the Wolves
Truston= Jack London
Talmage= White Fang or Balto (your choice)

haleyhorrocks said...

Ha ha ha, I miss Sarah! And you guys, of course.

Not sure if you could win the Iditarod (whoa, wait a second--how on earth do you spell that??). Talmage is lookin' perfectly chunky ;)