Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yosemite...and the world's worst vacation

Last week was Truston's spring break, and since every person we know was going to Hawaii, we got some ants in our pants. Let me ask you, when you think of Truston and Brittney, what is the first work you think of? Is it spontaneous? Probably not, because we are not spontaneous. However, we spontaneously decided to take off and drive to Sequoia National Forest (it's in central california). While we were driving there I remembered that is where my brother served his mission, so we called him up and told him we were going. "Why Sequoia?" he asks, "Yosemite is much better." So we spontaneously changed plans and decided to go to Yosemite instead (it's only a two hour difference). The drive to California was great, we were zipping along, listening to 'Angels and Demons' on tape, thinking we were having the time of our lives. Until we got to the California state line. Then things started to fall apart. Talmage wouldn't take a morning nap and quickly deteriorated into a screaming, shreiking mess. Four hours later, he finally fell asleep and, incredibly, we made it to our point of destination. He woke up and we decided to take a little hike...we made it all the way up the snowy mountain trail with a giggling, smiling, adoring baby. The second we got to the top, and not a moment later, he started screaming again. So we hiked down as fast as we could and as soon as we got in the car, he stopped crying. This an enigma. We thought we should xnay the hiking part and just drive around the park. So we spent about 5 hours in the park, total, and drove home. All in all: Yosemite was beautiful, the drive was miserable. When I got home and told my mom, she said, "You give up so easily" Thanks, mom. We're novices....REI will not be asking us to lecture on traveling with kids.
All of that water is snow runoff...amazing, huh?
The happy family...a rare moment.
An awesome sequoia tree in Yosemite.
The happy baby...don't be fooled. Truston thought he looked like 'alien' Talmage was growing out of him.


haleyhorrocks said...

It's too bad you had so little time in Yosemite.

Ian is that way, too. At home, he can be so cranky, but when we leave, he's happy as a lark. Everyone says, "Wow, he's in such a good mood!" And when they turn their backs he glares at me.

Megan said...

You so crack me up...I bet someone could have been fooled into taking him from their RV doorstep...But then you'd be wasting all that formula at home. Good thing you kept him.