Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years!

We attempted another photo shoot...it didn't turn out as well as the christmas photos, but he's still really cute!
This was Talmage's first day in a big boy outfit! Also of note, Talmage will only sleep if his head is cranked in this uncomfortable position. If you straighten out his head, he will wiggle around until it's cranked to one side again. Funny kid.
This is a picture of Talmage with his friend, Andrew Martin. As you can tell, they both had a lot of fun at the New Year's party.


Megan said...

That's funny, I put this one on our blog too!! That first picture of Talmage is super cute.

Alli said...

1. How are you?!
2. Talmage is ADORABLE. And I used caps...yeah, this is seriously the cutest pictures ever.

The Cox Family said...

Hey Brittney, your mom just showed me your blog today and I was so excited because we haven't seen you since Natalie's shower. Your pictures are so cute and Talmage is getting so big! We have a blog also, it is www.wearethecoxes.blogspot.com. I hope all is going for you guys. You need to come and visit us! We miss you!