Saturday, January 19, 2008

Book of Mormon Stories

This is when he was starting to smile a little more. The girl across the hall is 15 months and really likes Talmage. Whenever she sees him she rocks her arms like crazy. (the sign language sign for baby). The other day, Talmage and I were over at their apartment and when she saw his shirt, instead of making the baby sign, she kept making the dog sign, slapping her thigh like crazy. Her mom was so embarrassed and we couldn't figure out where the dog sign came from....his shirt.
Talmage wore this cute shirt (thanks Haley) to church on Sunday. And he brought his Book of Mormon. He's very spiritual...and reverent. For example, last week while the sacrament was being passed, he kept grunting and grunting, getting ready to blow out his diaper. I heard the words in my head, "reverence is more than just quietly sitting..."


Megan said...

Church is so much more stressful now!! I'm glad Talmage is so spiritual. I hope he and Andrew can be mission companions so that Andrew can learn from his example.

kathy said...

So why does that little girl know sign language? Is she deaf or do her parents just like that sort of thing?

Brittney Bodine said...

kathy- i don't know. Tons of kids in the primary knew really random signs. I think they teach it in school...just for fun?