Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carmel Apples

I have recently discovered the greatest treat in the world. Carmel Apples. I made them for a halloween party, which was a great success. The apples were so good and so popular, that I decided to make them for various family members and others who would really appreciate a good carmel apple. So this morning, while i was talking to haley on the phone, i took my dipped carmel apples and drizzled milk chocolate and white chocolate and sprinkles on top. I brought some over to my grandparents and then to my cousins the McArthurs. Imagine their surprise when they cut into the biggest carmel apple, and it was an ONION! HAHAHAHA. this was the best joke i have played in several months. not only an onion, but a very potent onion. it was such a surprise, i wished i would have made more. i didn't, which is good, because carmel apples are much better then carmel onions.


kathy said...

You are funny.

haleyhorrocks said...

I want more posts! Being 9 months pregnant is no excuse for not posting more.