Monday, December 24, 2007

life in the fast lane

This is what i do....all day long. First I get in a little yoga.
Baby yoga, that is.
It usually wears me I have to take a nap afterwards.
That picture on the wall is Jesus breaking bread. I am pretty darn spiritual, so I like looking at it, while my dad holds me. I'm so cute, he can barely let go of me, especially when I wear my magic wizard outfit. I mesmerize people.

Food is my main concern. I eat a lot.
I eat so much I have to recover by taking a nap. Sleep and more sleep.
In my spare time, I like to stare at the Christmas tree. I hear that my aunt Grace also stares mindlessly at the Christmas tree. :)
And that concludes my day. That's how I live life in the fast lane.